With the long arduous winter and all of the cold weather that comes with it finally at an end, it is only natural to begin to focus on being outdoors, landscaping projects, and simple home improvements; making spring the perfect time to incorporate some creative decorative garden features into your landscaping projects and home improvement routine.

Creating an inviting, colorful, and functional yardscape is a wonderful way to make guests feel welcome while incorporating a little bit of your personality into your home and yard. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Homemade Fairy Gardens – Fairy gardens are a fantastic way to add whimsy and fantasy into your yard. They are a great way to transform old tree stumps, rock beds, and recycled items into eye-catching décor to an otherwise drab location. Using empty soda bottles, Pringles cans, milk cartons, foil, and paint is a cheap way to create your fairy structures to give your fairies a place to live and interact.

  • Gnome Scapes – Gnomes are a traditional garden detail that brings both chuckles and interest to any garden if done correctly. Try creating a gnome village in an ignored corner of your yard or garden. Doing so will provide interest, color, and fun details to any space.

  • Water Features – Water features do not have to be expensive. However, depending on the size and type of water feature that you wish to incorporate into your outdoor area, they can be a lot of work to install. If you’re not up to the task of creating a built-in water feature try simply adding a homemade birdbath or aboveground waterfall feature using items on-hand such as old wheel barrels, broken terracotta pots, and old kitchen pots, pans, and utensils.

  • Rain Water Storage – Water conservation is important and an economical way to do your part in conserving water is to use rain barrels for your outdoor watering needs. Any kind of large sturdy plastic container will work for this purpose by using a few pieces of PVC piping, and inexpensive spouts any large barrel or storage tote can be turned into a convenient watering station for patio plants, garden drip hoses, and more. Just be sure to incorporate some mosquito-proof mesh into the rain retention aspects of your design so as not to have stagnation issues.

  • Durable Above Ground Planters – If you have any old tires lying around or taking up valuable storage space, consider installing an above-ground planter using them. A touch of spray paint, pyramid stacking, and potting soil provide you with a one of a kind planting bed for both flowers and vegetables that will last for years to come.

After you take a look around the home for materials to make your projects, give Browning Park Mini Storage a call to help you find a place for all of those other items lying around that you hadn’t noticed before. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will be more than happy to assist you in finding exactly the right space to fit your needs.

Additionally, as a public service, we would like to recognize these special April events to spread awareness.

Autism Awareness Month

Keep America Beautiful Month

National Garden Month

National Mathematics Education Month