Christmas decoration at home, shop, with a deer in the center. The concept of the New Year holidays. Design and decoration of the city and houses for Christmas.

With Thanksgiving over and Christmas in full swing, you may have caught the Christmas Spirit and gone a bit overboard with all the new decorations and yard ornaments when it comes to the amount of storage space you have for those once per year items. But, don’t let the stress of post-holiday clean-up stop you from updating your old Christmas ornaments or simply stocking up on new versions of the same old thing. Browning Park Mini Storage is just around the corner to keep all your special items safe and secure. Now that we’ve ignited your inner Christmas Spirit and décor craving, let us get you started with a peek at the season’s coolest indoor and outdoor holiday décor products.

Indoor Decorations

From the tree to the stockings, indoor decorations take up a lot of space when storing them for the other three seasons of the year. That doesn’t me you need to take a minimalist strategy or viewpoint when it comes to decorating your home for the holidays though, no matter what holiday you celebrate at this special time of year. Whether you do choose to keep things small or go all out, we’re sure there’s something on this list that you simply won’t be able to resist.

  • Neon Window Signs – Neon window signs are a great way to add exterior lights via the interior saving you time in hanging, outdoor electrical outlet drama, and they are as versatile in selection as your creativity allows.
  • Plush Christmas Gnome – If you think gnomes are adorable around your yard and garden, just wait until these plush little guys start appearing around the tree.
  • Embroidered Decorative Table Runner – A simple table runner can transform a drab old wooden table into an elegant piece of art. Updating your holiday linens collection is an inexpensive and low space way to show your holiday spirit all year long by swapping them out to fit the holiday or season.
  • Holiday Dishes and Tableware – Everyone loves having those special holiday plates and mugs that are only used at a specific time of year. Update or expand your collection this season with an up-to-date pattern or piece.

Outdoor Decorations

Outdoor decorations come in all shapes, sizes, and materials making them a fun way to express your inner Elf.

  • Cascading LED Lights – Create your own meteor shower, Santa landing strip, or unique light display in your own front yard with these innovative new LED options.
  • Wreaths and Light Fixtures – Wreaths and candelabras or solar light decorations are some of the fastest to acquire that weathered and beat-up look. Update your doors welcome with a fresh new wreath or light fixture that represents your holiday vision.
  • Inflatables – You can never have too many inflatables in your yard, well maybe you can according to your neighbors, but for the true Christmas Décor Guru, the only limitation is storage. So, now that you have a plan for your holiday storage needs, let your inner Guru go and stock up on those special inflatables that tickle your inner child’s fancy.

Whether it’s because you have too many family members visiting for the holidays and need to make some space, or that you simply love and have more holiday decorations than you have storage for, we’re always here to help you store and protect your valuable belongings 365 days a year.