As the seasons seem to be getting hotter with each year, opening up space in the lower regions of your home is a fantastic way to overcome the heat without exponentially increasing your utility bills. One way to do this is by purging unnecessary or unwanted stored items and storing occasional or seasonal use items off-site at a local mini storage facility.

Why the Basement?

Since heat rises, the basement is the coolest area of the home. Additionally, since basements are typically built from cement and are at least partially set bellow terrain, it is naturally insulated from the heat.

Keeping Cool in Style

Hanging out in the basement on those sweltering hot summer days doesn’t have to mean sitting in a dark dungeon filled with stored boxes and holiday decorations. Basements are a versatile area of the home whose value is all too often overlooked as it gets used for storage. Here are some ideas to decorate your basement space after you move all those stored items into a mini storage.

  • Paint – Paint is one of the easiest and most adaptable decorating mediums, especially when painting concrete. Your options are endless, from marbled to checkerboard patterns and much, much more.
  • Wainscoting – For a more refined look consider creating a chair rail by using easily installed white wainscoting. For full-basements, finish the upper wall with a vibrant paint. This will both brighten up the space as well as incorporate your style.
  • Fabric – Believe it or not, sheets make great wall coverings and room dividers without creating a claustrophobic feel and create more light flow within the overall space. They can be hung flat or pleated for a more elegant feel.

For flooring, you can also use paint or easy to install peel and stick tiles for a simple decorative touch. There are some very cool cork and wood grain textures and finishes available now that are both durable and beautiful.

Keeping cool this summer as the heat hits even more record highs doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Simply purging old or unneeded items and storing long-term storage or holiday decorations in a convenient and cost-effective local mini storage facility allows you to reclaim the forgotten coolest place in the house your basement. When you’re ready to rent your space, give Browning Park Mini Storage a call and let their friendly knowledgeable staff assist you with all over your storage need