So you have done your research and picked a quality mini storage facility, now it’s time to pack up those items that you plan to store in your newly acquired storage space. Simply throwing everything in a box or even carefully placing your items in storage containers is not going to suffice when it comes to storing your items for long periods of time. Heat, cold, and other environmental conditions impact your stored belongings no matter how competent and conscientious your mini-storage facility is.

To help you protect your valuables here are a few things that you can do to proactively combat contaminants such as dust intrusion, humidity caused mildew, possible water leaks, and other unforeseeable occurrences.

Stock Up On Plastic Storage Containers

Boxes may be acceptable for short term-storage needs. However, cardboard boxes tend to become damaged, weak, and less protective as they get moved and shuffled around. Additionally, cardboard boxes are easily crushed under the weight of other boxes over time.

The best way to store anything that will be in storage for months or more is in heavy duty plastic storage bins. Why?

  • Dust and Water Resistant – No matter how clean your facility is, there will always be wind, pipe breaks, and natural conditions that creep their way in. Being proactively prepared for these instances by using thick plastic storage containers is the best way to protect your belongings from these intrusive surprises.
  • Stackable – Proper stacking prevents breakage and injury caused by falling containers or toppling towers of boxes.
  • Crush Resistant – Although, plastic containers are not indestructible, they are extremely durable and much less likely to become crushed or structurally damaged under normal use. They also do not become weak or damaged when in contact with water.
  • Easy Portability – Unlike most boxes, plastic storage containers come with handles for easier carrying and portability. This is better on your back as well as more secure for your belongings both during transport and the stacking process.
  • Sealable – Boxes have lids, but unless you seal the box with packing tape there will always be gaps. Because of the snap on lid design that most plastic storage containers use, they are much more airtight and securely sealed than you will get with your typical box.

Cloth Items

Cloth items such as wedding dresses, family heirlooms, and quilts are best stored in a double barrier situation. What this means is seal these items inside vacuum bags for the most secure protection, and then place those somewhat fragile bags inside durable plastic storage containers. This prevents damage caused by broken Ziplock seams on overstuffed vacuum storage bags.

Wood Furniture

Bubble wrap is your best friend if you are storing furniture of any kind. Wrap all wood or fragile surfaces in bubble wrap and secure in place before storing them to avoid nicks, scraps, and surface damage that occurs by being bumped, stacked, and shifted around.

Storing your belongings for long periods of time takes planning and preparation to ensure these items withstand the test of time when you decide to pull them out again. That’s why it is essential that you pack your items for the long term before placing them in storage. For further instructions or guidance on the best packing practices contact us at Browning Park Mini Storage.