February may be the month of love. But, it’s also the month to take inventory of what you have in order to prepare for the upcoming seasons. Completing a bi-annual inventory of what is in storage could save you a bundle if you know what you’re doing. It’s easy and worth the time and effort.

For most of us, storage becomes a place to dump all those items that are in our way or as a quick place to hide clutter when picking up around the house before last minute house guests arrive. These habits typically leave storage units looking anything but organized, making it easy to lose or forget that you have specific items. By spending a few hours sorting through stored belongings, checking expiration dates, the condition of items, and usability you could end up saving yourself money and frustration.

A few ways in which performing a storage unit inventory can save you money are:

  • Minimize Double Purchases
  • Maintain Life Span of Items through Upkeep
  • Minimize Waste

Have you ever really stopped to think about what you are stashing away? Boxes with bottles of lotions, cold medicines, household cleaners, pool supplies are all things commonly found in boxes located in storage units either by chance or on purpose. These things add up over time creating clutter in your storage and going to waste when they could be being used.

How often do you go to use something that you have had stored only to find it unusable due to expiration or damage? Keeping your storage unit and stored items organized and properly labeled will allow you to avoid these occurrences as well as save you money in the long run.

One way to avoid stored products from going out of date is to stick to a rotation when storing extra supplies. Rules to remember when rotating perishables of any kind are:

  • Oldest Products go in Front
  • Store like Items Together
  • Rotate Out Expired Items as they Expire
  • Rotate Everything Every Three to Six Months

Following these simple rules will ensure that you always have what you need when you need it.

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