As the holidays grow near so does the stress of preparing for holiday house guests and making room for everyone to be welcome and comfortable. For most of us, the everyday clutter that develops throughout the year makes the concept of house guests an extremely stressful idea. But, it doesn’t have to be. It may not be spring, however, it is the perfect time to do a little spring cleaning and store away some of those rarely used possessions or seasonal summer items that you may be tripping over all winter long otherwise.

Why Use a Storage Unit?

Obtaining a storage unit and storing some of those seasonal items such as swim floats, bicycles, surfing equipment, camping and hiking gear, and other large item toys that tend to create clutter or take up large amounts of your home’s storage space during their off use times is a great way to open up the flow and space in your home allowing you to entertain and live more comfortably the rest of the year when those items are not in use.

Going through seasonally to rotate and store those items that are only used at specific times of the year is also a perfect time to purge those items that may be broken, obsolete, or simply not wanted any more. This is a great way to keep on top of potential hoarding issues and becoming a pack rat.

Another reason to choose a mini storage facility is by storing your seasonal items in a mini-storage facility, you provide yourself with additional storage on the home front for those items that you use intermittently year round. Transitioning your storage process to allows you to use your home’s current storage capabilities more efficiently opening up your home’s closet and counter spaces, minimizing the amount of clutter, and providing easy access to those items you use regularly; eliminating stress caused by overcrowding, clutter, and being unable to find things.

Storing your belongings correctly instead of cramming as much as you can get into your home’s space also protects your belongings from breakage, loss, and even theft.

Transitioning to a Storage Unit

While you make your storage transition, it is a good idea to create a storage list of all of the items that you have decided to store off-site to provide you with a handy way of knowing exactly where all of your belongings have been placed. This will save you time and stress from searching the house for an item that you may have moved to storage and forgotten about.

Remember to carefully pack any items that you plan on storing according to their specific needs, such as tapered candles should be packed lying flat in their own container to avoid warping during warm weather, and surfboards, athletic equipment,  or glass and wooden furniture items should be wrapped in moving blankets or bubble wrap before placing them in storage to prevent scratching or surface damage, etc.

And last but definitely not least is labeling. Labeling your boxes and containers correctly not only identifies what is in those cartons so that you can find your belongings later, it also provides you with valuable information as to what is in each box as you stack them in storage so that you are not placing fragile items beneath heavy items or where they may fall and break; without having to open the box to look inside.

Deciding to Rent a Storage Unit

You may not think you have enough stuff to warrant renting a storage space, however, with the variety of storage unit sizes now available at Browning Park Mini Storage, you will find a unit that is just right for your needs and budget.

Modern storage units come in a variety of sizes and amenities including climate control, security monitoring, and resident managers, in order to assure your belongings, are safe and protected even better than if they were in your own home. So call today and let one of our friendly associates help you find the perfect storage unit to fit your de-cluttering needs.