Self-storage unit while renovating

Are you thinking about renovating your home instead of buying something new? Renovations might seem pretty expensive when you first start to investigate the possibility. There are some very expensive items to include in the cost:

** architect

** contractor

** new appliances, windows and frames, counters, etc, etc

** items you never thought about

Yes, it seems you can never think of everything in advance, so the renovation may end up costing more than expected.

But when you consider the cost of a new home and all the fees associated with the purchase and moving, renovating starts to look more and more attractive. So if you love your home and your neighborhood, then renovation might just be the way to go.

Keeping Sane During Renovation – Browning Park Mini Storage in Benton, AR

One way to avoid all the disruptions involved in renovating would be to go on an extended and expensive vacation. But you probably want to be close enough to check on the progress of the work. Identifying an issue and bringing it to the attention of the right person before it becomes a problem can save a lot of work and time.

If you move furniture out of the way of the work in progress, you might even be able to continue living in your home during renovations. If your renovations are more extensive, then you’ll probably need to stay with family or friends during the remodeling.

Either way, making renovations will be messy – to say the least. Even if your remodeling is on a small scale, there will be dust and dirt. And workmen with their tools will be in and out of your property. No matter how careful they are, accidents sometimes happen. And those accidents always seem to happen to the things you care most about.

A better alternative is for you to find a temporary home for your furniture and important items while workers transform your house into the dream home you’ve always wanted. You could ask family or friends to store your things in their garage or basement, but do you really want to put that kind of pressure on any of those relationships?

A better option is to rent a self-storage unit on a temporary basis. You can go in and out as you please and take things whenever needed. You won’t have to bother anyone when you wake up early in the morning and remember some important papers that you need for a meeting at work, but they’re in your desk in storage.

Let Us Help You

Come on over to Browning Park Mini Storage in Benton, AR, to discuss whether self-storage is right for you and how much space you might need. We have units available of varying sizes for your valuable items. You can choose whichever size fits your needs, but you can change units if you find that your initial choice was too large or too small.

In addition, we’ll be happy to give you tips on packing your items so that you make the best use out of the space you choose.

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