Organize Your Storage Unit

Are you planning to move all the clutter from your basement and attic into a self-storage unit at Browning Park Mini Storage in Benton, AR? Smart decision.

Are all those items in your basement and attic already organized in such a way that you know exactly where last year’s Mardi Gras masks are located? Or where your snorkel and swim fins are? No? Well, this is your chance to get everything organized so that you will never again have to waste time searching for your tennis racket that just might be hiding in clothing that you just cannot bear to get rid of even though it went out of style 20 years ago.

Follow these tips to organize everything as you prepare and move to the storage unit.


Group items into like categories. Subdivide those categorize as much as possible. In other words, kitchen items can be one category, but if you have a lot of kitchen items, then subdivide them further into more specific subcategories like ‘Grandma’s dishes,’ ‘wedding gifts for kitchen,’ etc.

Pack, List, and Label

Once you’ve got everything grouped and categorized, pack the items into boxes, making sure that fragile items are well protected with bubble wrap or packing peanuts. As you put each item into a box, write down the item on a list that stays with that box.

Now, each box has been packed, and the contents have been noted on a list. The next step is to label each box with the category or subcategory. Be sure to use a large black marker and label each box on every side, including the top and bottom. Make sure that the label is the same as the title on your list. If you have more than one box for any category or subcategory, then give those boxes numbers as well as names.

Let Some Items Do Double Duty

Are you storing a dresser, cabinet, or other item that has storage space inside? You can use the drawers as storage space. Just be sure to label each drawer with the contents. It is best to keep like with like. In other words, if it is a bedroom dresser, then the drawers should be used for bedroom items.

Move Items to Browning Park Mini Storage

Here’s the easy part. Load the boxes into a van or truck and unload at your storage unit. Keep boxes of the same categories together as much as possible as you move them into the unit.

Make a Map

Make a map of the interior of your storage unit showing where each box is located. Do not wait to do this until a few months later – make the map while your memory is still fresh. Keep one copy of the map at home and another on the back of the door to your unit. You will be so happy later that you took the time to make the map.

Move Advisor App

Using a moving organization app can help you keep from tearing your hair out in the process of organizing your items for their move into the storage unit.

If you are not comfortable relying on technology, using the tips above will help make your move to your storage unit at Browning Park Mini Storage in Benton, AR smooth. And you will breathe easier when you return home to space that is not crammed full of items you rarely use.