Great Wall of ChinaA Long World History of Storage
We store things outside the home because of China. Ancient China was famous for its Public Storage of family goods. The first official self-storage facility in the United States was started by the Collum family of Fort Lauderdale, Florida back in 1958.

Storage Can Be Almost Custom-Sized
The people who create the building designs for self-storage units have gotten very good with estimating how much space certain arrangements will need. For instance, there are small spaces, which are excellent for heirloom items or a students’ former books – things too good to donate, but perhaps it’s an inopportune time to sell. Based on family size and activities, estimates and spaces can be arranged for singles, families, automotive collectors, and seasonal hobbyists. Vehicles, sports equipment, and household goods can all be stored securely with self-storage.

Storage can be Hot or Cold
Self-storage can come with a heated/cooled option for a home-like ambient temperature. Alternatively, storage can be un-cooled and un-heated if keeping contents in a climate-controlled space is not necessary.

Self Storage Is Growing and Adapting
The figure for self-storage worldwide in 2009 was 58,000 facilities. With so much more stuff to be kept safely locked away, companies offering storage solutions are turning to high tech help to keep everything protected. Most buildings, in addition to offering climate control options, will use security door locks, alarm systems, guards, electronic gates, and even security cameras.