JewelryMoving is a daunting process. Nevertheless, proper packing can make it less overwhelming. To avoid breaking or damaging fragile items, you should make sure that you pack them properly. Do you want to place your possessions securely in self-storage? The following tips will be useful:

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  • Use enough boxes – make sure that all breakables are placed in padded boxes to prevent breakage. You can use packing peanuts or bubble wrap as padding. However, if you are on a tight budget, use towels or soft cloths to pad your moving boxes.
  • Use small boxes for heavy items – use small-sized boxes to pack the heavy stuff, and seal the edges with heavy-duty tape. If you cannot lift a box, then the item that is inside it is too heavy.
  • Use reliable moving supplies – whatever you do, don’t sacrifice quality for lower prices. If you want your items to be safeguarded against damage, purchase quality moving supplies. Select supplies that will protect your belongings, and last for several years.
  • Label everything properly – it would be almost impossible to remember the contents of each box that you pack. However, you can keep track of all boxes using labels; they are especially useful when using moving services. All delicate items should be labeled ‘fragile’.
  • Stack boxes carefully – if you have to stack boxes, ensure that the ones labeled ‘fragile’ are placed at the top. To reduce the risk of damage, you should carry the delicate items in your car instead of placing them in a moving truck.


Using the right moving supplies not only minimizes the possibility of damage to your belongings, but also makes moving easier. Whether you are moving or de-cluttering your house, these tips will come in handy when packing valuables.