As you might imagine, coming up with a unique and relevant article topic twice per month regarding storage can be a little challenging at times. So, I occasionally will reach out to my daughter for ideas. And in her typical sarcastic humor she popped off with, “How many babies can fit into a storage unit?” She then proceeded to laugh and walk out the door to work. Although I realized she was not being serious, it did prompt me to wonder what were some of the weirdest things found in storage units. This is what my research unveiled.

Famous People’s Stolen Belongings

  • Nicholas Cage’s Comic Book – Sometime after Nicholas Cage bought the very first superhero comic book ever created in 1995, it went missing until 2011 when it was found in a storage unit and returned to him.
  • Guy Fieri’s Lamborghini – After his car was stolen directly off of the showroom floor in 2012, it reappeared a short time later in a 17-year old’s storage unit when police searched it as part of a murder investigation against the 17-year-old.

Disturbing but True

  • An Occupied Coffin – The remains of a 95-year-old women who died in a nursing home of natural causes was found in a storage unit after having resided there for 17 years. The family had planned to bury her in another state when weather impeded their ability to get the coffin and remains to their destination. As a temporary solution the coffin containing the family members remains were stored in a storage unit and left there until found 17 years later.
  • 42 Snakes – Yes, you read that correctly, 42 snakes were located in a northern California storage unit, 22 of which were poisonous. Animal control was promptly called and an investigation was initiated.
  • Amputated Leg – In North Carolina a man stored his amputated leg in his storage unit until falling behind on his payments and his belongings were auctioned off. As if storing your leg in a storage unit isn’t odd enough, the leg was found inside of a barbeque smoker when the storage unit was cleaned out.

Fascinating and Unusual

  • A Burglar – In Missouri officers were called to a storage facility to investigate a possible break in. They were delighted to find the burglar on-site and easily carted him away after he had locked himself inside the unit with all of his ill-gotten goods.
  • NASA Countdown Clock and Rocket – Publicly found on a TV reality show in 2011, an actual NASA rocket and countdown clock was discovered in a Miami, Florida storage unit.

Even though some of these items may seem a bit scary, it’s better that they were being stored in a storage unit than in the apartment next door. So, the next time you visit your storage unit, you may want to let your mind wander as to what could be in the unit next door for some spine-chilling imaginative fun. And when you’re ready to rent a storage unit, contact one of the storage experts at Browning Park Mini Sotrage for answers to all your questions and concerns.