As we transition through the seasons we also transition items in and out of storage spaces in our home and for many of us our mini storage spaces as well.  We often don’t even think about what we are storing or what is in the boxes we are shuffling around as we wade through our stored belongings searching for something in particular. Considering all of the caustic, poisonous and downright dangerous products that most individuals have in boxes, on workbenches, and in cupboards and closets, it is only prudent to perform a safety check of your storage areas at least once per year.

Although you should review your mini storage agreement to be sure of exactly what is allowed to be placed in storage, there are a few things that should never be placed in a mini storage unit both for your safety and those around you. Here are some basic NO!NO! items:

  • Pesticides – This includes bags of weed and feed or canisters of unopened bug spray. These items can become combustible under heat conditions and storage units can get hot without environmental controls. Additionally, leaking containers can leach out into other units creating a hazardous situation for unsuspecting neighbors.
  • Industrial Cleaners – Industrial cleaners are meant to clean things that nothing else on the mainstream market can. That makes them very caustic and dangerous to have lying around if not properly stored.
  • Household Cleaners – That bottle of ammonia or shaker of Comet that you use at home, may not seem dangerous just sitting under the sink. However, all it takes is a leaking container of bleach to meet a leaky container of ammonia to have a HAZMAT situation occur.
  • Gas Cans – A brand new, never before used gas can is not a problem. However, whether your can is old or new, you do not want to store it in a storage unit where fumes can begin to build up and create a fire hazard situation. If fumes were to build up and begin to leak out of the space, one spark from a passerby lighting their cigarette could set the whole place ablaze.
  • Tiki Lamp Fuel – Made specifically for burning, tiki fuel is a fire hazard when stored improperly.
  • Ammunition and Firearms– Ammunition and Firearms should always be stored in a proper firearm locker at home under your supervision. Responsibility first when it comes to weaponry.

These may seem like common sense items to keep out of a storage locker, but you will be amazed to see just how many of these things slip through the cracks while performing the every day,  getting business done as usual shuffle.

To confirm what is and is not allowed to be stored in your storage area or the best way to store specific items, call the storage specialists at, Browning Park Mini Storage.