As the holidays are in full swing it is difficult not to take some time to look back at the events of the year that is coming to a close and all of the clutter, junk, and accumulation that are inevitable when living life to its fullest; making this the perfect time to sort through the collected chaos and purge before starting your new year.

Worst Offenders

Although clutter comes in many shapes and sizes, there are some forms that standout above all others as the worst offenders.

  • Paperwork and Junk Mail – Most people have at least one paper pile of receipts, mail flyers, coupons, etc. laying around causing them subconscious stress each time they look at it. Ideally, this culprit of disorganization should be purged monthly, but for those of us who live in the real world, the end of year purge is a great time to clean out expired coupons, advertisements, as well as filing away receipts, warranty documents, instruction manuals, and other important documents that may be lying around.
  • Junk Drawer – Whether your junk drawer contains nuts and bolts or tweezers and twine we all have one. This is the drawer where we stash all of those potentially needed gadgets, from safety pins to twisty ties, for future use. For safety and organizational reasons, this drawer should be cleaned out at least once per year discarding broken items and bundling like items together for convenient relocation when you need them. Make sure to place sharp objects in enclosed containers prior to placing them in your junk drawer to avoid potential injury while searching for items.
  • Wardrobes and Closets – Closets and wardrobes are the goto location for stashing things in a hurry and are often overlooked when completing the end of year purge. But with holiday gifts and end of year special purchases coming in, this is a fantastic time to clean out closets discarding or donating things that do not fit or that have not been used or handled within the past year. This provides space for new items and declutters your valuable storage space.

Completing the end of year purge allows you and your family to start the new year fresh. However, it also often leaves you with a few misplaced items or boxes of things you are not going to be using in the foreseeable future but you still want to hang on to. How do you deal with these important belongings? Consider renting a mini-storage space for all those items that you need to retain for one reason or another, but just don’t have the onsite storage to accommodate them.

Browning Park Mini-Storage has a variety of unit sizes and amenities,  such as environmental controls and secured access to meet almost any storage need. So call us today to see how we can help you with your storage and organizational needs.