check markKeeping Away Bugs and Odors
If you’d like a fresh smelling storage unit (whatever you are storing inside it), there is a trick for that which will also keep bugs out. Use a new dryer sheet in each corner of the unit and in the boxes at the front of the storage unit. Whenever you walk in it will smell ‘just like home’. Replace every three months or so.

A natural way to trap moisture and keep it away from your possessions is to place some unused barbecue charcoal into a baking dish. This will help to absorb moisture, and if you are storing items which smell like smoke it will also reduce those odors too.

Avoid Condensation in Vehicle Tanks
When storing a vehicle such as a car, completely draining or alternately fully filling your gas tank will help keep condensation out of the tank. All other gas-powered lawn and seasonal equipment should also be drained entirely.

Pack In Reverse
When packing to load and unload items for storage, think about where you want them in their destination. For instance, items you will use the least can be put in the back of your storage unit, and units you use regularly into the front. When you are packing the moving truck, however, you will want to put the things you seldom need access to in last and the stuff you want to use the most in first. This way when you unload, you are taking out the stuff which goes into the farthest part of storage first rather than shifting boxes around later.

Store In Cardboard
It is better to store things in cardboard rather than sealed plastic bags or other containers. This is because air ventilation can let moisture get out rather than stay trapped in your belongings.