broomAs useful and as necessary as a self-storage unit is, the need to maintain it and to reexamine the possessions that are kept in it increases over time. Unless you have firmly decided to store your items for six months or more due to an extended absence, or have purposely chosen a climate controlled unit for a more permanent and item-friendly solution, then it will be necessary to go over your belongings every once in a while to choose what’s worth keeping, and what’s not. The following list will help you make the best choices when it comes to your self-stored possessions.

Making the Tough Choice

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  • Avoid nostalgia – As time goes by, you’ll lose the attachment that you previously felt with certain things. Avoid the sentiments that may have kept you from completely removing the item from your life in the first place.
  • Sell, sell, sell – Once you’ve overcome the need to cling to items from your past that you’ve likely already replaced, such as old clothing or furniture, think about having a yard sale or visiting a second-hand shop to make a few extra dollars. Or…
  • Donate – Give the things that you don’t want or need any more to friends or to charities. There will always be people to appreciate them.
  • Keep it clean and tidy – As well as the occasional cleaning to clear dust, the more stuff that you decide to remove from storage, the more tidy your unit will be. This allows you to adjust your needed storage space—and this may lead to lower rental costs.


As mentioned above, it’s best to get yourself a climate controlled storage unit for long-term rentals to avoid the effects of ranging humidity levels. Most of all, when it comes down to self-storage unit maintenance, fight the urge to hoard old possessions, and welcome the progress that comes with sorting through previous parts of your life.