boxesWhether you have decided to make use of a self-storage unit before moving houses, removing clutter from your home or repurposing an unused bedroom or garage, you will have already discovered the benefits of having a second home in which to store your precious belongings. Along with the many advantages of having your own personal, secluded storage unit, there are also important factors to watch out for, however, as you rent and as you relocate. Thus, we have outlined 6 simple, useful tips to keep in mind when renting storage space.

Planning For Storage Success

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  • Treat your possessions with care – Just because they aren’t going to be in your home anymore doesn’t mean that they can’t break, tear or get scratched. Use covers when moving mattress furniture to avoid stains and cuts, and use bubble wrap to protect glassware.
  • Disassemble for ease – Take apart wooden furniture to make transportation, as well as storage, easier. When items are disassembled they can be handled, protected and positioned with much less effort.
  • Utilize your storage space – Pack your heavier and sturdier items into boxes, place them at the bottom of a pile and then stack your way to the ceiling.
  • Keep it navigable – Stack your boxes and furniture in a way that maintains their accessibility. Think of it as a convenience store: Construct your stacks so that you can freely and conveniently move around and search.
  • Pack Smart – Avoid mixing large and small items in the same box to ensure easy access and utilize a labeling system to keep track of where everything has gone.
  • Box Smart – Use boxes that have strong and reliable cardboard, or go with plastic ones to limit crumpling. Use similar-sized boxes for safer stacking and try not to overload each box with heavy items.


By treating your rented storage unit as if it were an extension of your own home, and by planning accordingly, your possessions will be stored safely and successfully.