Car StorageOften times, people find themselves in the position of needing to store a car for more than a few weeks. Perhaps you’re the parent of a child going to college and they’re leaving their car with you until they decide if they need it at school or not. Or maybe you have a loved one in your life that’s no longer able to drive, but selling their vehicle isn’t appropriate or it’s too overwhelming for you to deal with at the moment. Either way, we provide easy access vehicle storage at our mini storage units and you can rest assured your vehicle is safe and sound until you need it.

Before you store the car, we have a few tips for long-term storage of a vehicle that can make a big difference in the life of the car:

  • Wash it. Maybe it seems pointless, but leaving things like dirt, pollen and bird droppings can damage the paint over time if not removed.

  • Clean the interior. Vacuum the carpets, clean the floor mats and seats. This reduces the likelihood that some missed trash will stain you cloth or leave behind an odor.

  • Change the oil. Sediment in the oil can lead to engine damage. It’s best to change the oil before you store the car to minimize the risk of this happening.

  • Fill the tank. A full gas tank will prevent moisture from building up. Adding fuel stabilizer is also recommended.

  • Ensure each tire is filled to the recommended amount of air pressure. This keeps flat spots from forming on the tire.

  • Make sure your battery is charged. If storing for longer than 6 months, it’s recommended to disconnect the battery altogether.

Even though the above tips seem simple, be sure to complete each one to avoid a headache down the road when you decide to remove your car from storage.

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