heartWhere are people getting all their stuff? Nowadays, we need much more storage space than people needed 30 years ago. It could be that people are now getting things that they need while their living spaces get smaller. You could also inherit stuff from a dead relative or move back in with your parents. In these instances, you will need a self-storage unit to keep all your extra belongings. These units are relatively cheap and readily available.
Additionally, if you own a business, some extra storage space could come in handy. The number of businesses that rely on self-storage units is on the rise. They use such spaces to store records, inventory, and equipment. Why do people love self-storage?

  1. Most self-storage units are secure and hard to break into. People prefer to use units that are fitted with top notch, multi-layered security systems to keep their possessions safe. Most units also come with cameras, which deter burglars from stealing.
  2. Storage units offer flexibility because you can change the unit size as your possessions increase/decrease. Such flexibility gives renters a certain degree of peace because they can increase or decrease the amount of space needed to suit their needs – financial or otherwise.
  3. Most storage units are strategically placed: usually found within cities or metropolises. Therefore, tenants can store their belongings in easily accessible units.
Types of storage units
  1. Climate controlled units
    Climate controlled self-storage units are ideal for storing items that require constant temperature and humidity levels. Indoor units are usually better for storing such items: bedding, electronics, videotapes, and documents.
  2. Drive up units
    For larger items such as boats, cars, and motorcycles, drive up storage units are preferred. They allow for easy access and are not climate controlled.